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Who says propane and knitting can’t play together?
Yesterday we spent the afternoon making fabrics move using nitinol springs, knit and embedded muscle wire. We made a mess, and it smelled like burning hair, but gosh it was fun!


Here are a few courses I will be teaching in the coming months.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, the organizers of the event, or simply leave a comment on this post.

September 20: Interaccess Media Arts Centre “Intro to Xbee”

October 6 – November 11th: OCAD University Continuing Studies “Intro to Wearable Media” – a 6 week course

December (exact date TBA): Interaccess Media Arts Centre “Soft Circuits”

January (exact date TBA): Interaccess Media Arts Centre “Intro to Lilypad Arduino”

Fur is out. Debris is in.

TXTilecity, an online interactive project that traces the physical locations of relevance of textile-based works and their history in Toronto, has included my Earthquake Skirt in it’s mini feature on OCADU’s Social Body Lab. Alongside this piece you’ll see work by my talented peers, Rachael Kess and Loretta Faveri.  You can view the video by looking up the address “205 Richmond Street West” in the list/map shown.


This evening Kate Hartman and I ran a workshop on Soft Circuits for young girls (aged 6-12) with the Canadian Association of Science for Girls (CAGIS). They were wonderfully bright, creative, and super competent (save for our shared struggle in getting conductive thread through the eye of the needle without using FrayStop). They could easily describe a circuit as a closed loop, grasp the concept of polarity, and describe more or less how batteries function. It was truly a treat to work with them, and in the end it gave me plenty to think about with regards to teaching electronics to kids.

I taught a Soft Sensors workshop a few days ago with my colleague Ken Leung. Managed to snap a few pictures during the work period. I was quite excited to give my first electronics lesson, and overall was quite pleased with how it all turned out. I love teaching, public speaking, and electronics, so this was a moment where it all came together for me.  It’s so inspiring to see people what people do with their new knowledge of conductive materials; so many great projects were made: thumb-war gloves, light-up finger puppets, even light-up pasties!

I’m about to go live with this Pachube feed of when my head is on my pillow (ie. when I’m resting), enabled using a Lilypad Arduino, Lilypad Xbee, and pressure sensor. A simple soft circuit, and a little pizazz for Pachube users!

Soft circuit on the pillow on the left

Back of the pillow is wired up for wireless communication!

Next month –just a few days away, I know– I’ll be teaching some workshops on Wearable Tech alongside my colleague Ken Leung, at Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre. The first workshop will cover the fundamentals of building soft circuits for wearing on the body, while the second will be an introduction to the Lilypad Arduino and an intro to coding the Arduino environment. You can check out the full workshop descriptions here, as well as read more about the InterAccess workshop series.

Intro to Wearables

When: Tuesday, June 21st, 7-10pm
Instructors: Ken Leung & Erin Lewis
Price: $45 ($35 InterAccess members)

Intro to Lilypad Arduino

When: Tuesday, June 28th, 7-10pm
Instructors: Ken Leung & Erin Lewis
Price: $45 ($35 InterAccess members)