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I’ll be exhibiting the Earthquake Skirt and Stock Market Lingerie at this TIFF exhibition for fashion, film and tech. Eventbrite tickets are available — come and say hi!


My thesis project, a translucent knit canoe with handwoven fibre optics, is on display at OCAD’s Graduate Exhibition. The light behaviour is controlled by a recorded data set of wind gusts on Lake Ontario.


You can see the work at 100 McCaul Street in room 140. Look for me — I’ll be sitting in a dark corner!

This summer I spent time working on a pre-thesis project of data materialization and the Northern Lights.  I constructed a wall-mounted loom on which I wove fibre optics and fishing line.  The LEDs were programmed with simulated data of auroral activity over northern Canada.  It was intended to be a real-time data stream, but I ran into some stumbling blocks in extracting the data from U of Alberta’s Dept. of Physics.  This is where I will pick up for the next iteration of this project.  In the mean time, a prototype for something much larger (and consequently, much more expensive):
Sept 12/12 update: If you’re interested to see where this project led me, please see my thesis project, a knit fibre optic canoe.

Wave form


Installation in progress

If I had known it was going to be a big to-do, I would have invited more people.  The official opening of the Super Cells exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre was tonight.  My Processing-based animations are included in the show, alongside some stellar textile designs from OCADU’s Fibre Dept.  It also looks like I’ll be participating in a future show on Robotics and the “Uncanny Valley“; my wheels are already turning on this one!

Spinal Chord



Artist Statement

Super Cells

I’ve just learned that my proposal to exhibit a series of animations in the Ontario Science Centre has been accepted.  The work will run from May – September 2011, as part of this year’s exhibition on Stem Cells.  Pretty happy about that.

Screen Capture of animation developing over time

The OCAD Wearable Tech Show was tonight, and I’m feeling completely zonked after it.  I stayed up late last night working out some final details for the pieces that I showed there: The Earthquake Skirt and Stock Market Lingerie.  I am totally pleased with how the projects were received by the attendees.  As active objects utilizing real-time data, you won’t get the full effect in photos, but I’ve attached a couple anyhow.

Stock Market Lingerie, Erin Lewis 2011

Clasps act as electronic switches on the boustier. As the woman is undressed, the (white-collared Capitalist) man receives his latest Stock Market updates. Never has undressing a woman been so arousing. Stock Market Lingerie (detail), Erin Lewis 2011.

Fur is out. Debris is in. Earthquake Skirt, Erin Lewis 2011