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I’ll be exhibiting the Earthquake Skirt and Stock Market Lingerie at this TIFF exhibition for fashion, film and tech. Eventbrite tickets are available — come and say hi!


With a new 3D printer at the Social Body Lab, I’ve taken to upgrading the Kegel Organ by designing and printing molds, and later casting the “insertable tech” in silicone rubber. Still playing with the design a bit, but here is where I’m headed.

Here are a few courses I will be teaching in the coming months.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, the organizers of the event, or simply leave a comment on this post.

September 20: Interaccess Media Arts Centre “Intro to Xbee”

October 6 – November 11th: OCAD University Continuing Studies “Intro to Wearable Media” – a 6 week course

December (exact date TBA): Interaccess Media Arts Centre “Soft Circuits”

January (exact date TBA): Interaccess Media Arts Centre “Intro to Lilypad Arduino”

This is some days after the fact, but I’d still like to get it out there. The Audience Jacket, created by Ken Leung, Oldouz Moslemian and myself, while working at OCADU’s Social Body Lab, was profiled on Talk2MyShirt wearable tech blog last week. You can read the article here.

It’s funny how this particular project catches a lot of attention.  I’ve been approach by strangers who’ve seen the Youtube video, been asked to make these for people, had this project mentioned recently in Kate Hartman’s interview on, and now tonight at Toronto’s Digifest, Tom Igoe, (co-founder of Arduino) spoke about the Kegel Organ.

Tom Igoe and the Kegel Organ

This summer I spent time working on a pre-thesis project of data materialization and the Northern Lights.  I constructed a wall-mounted loom on which I wove fibre optics and fishing line.  The LEDs were programmed with simulated data of auroral activity over northern Canada.  It was intended to be a real-time data stream, but I ran into some stumbling blocks in extracting the data from U of Alberta’s Dept. of Physics.  This is where I will pick up for the next iteration of this project.  In the mean time, a prototype for something much larger (and consequently, much more expensive):
Sept 12/12 update: If you’re interested to see where this project led me, please see my thesis project, a knit fibre optic canoe.

Wave form


Installation in progress

I co-taught a Lilypad Arduino workshop tonight at Interaccess with my perfectly nerdy colleague Ken Leung.  Here he is giving a lesson in coding to eager participants.  You can’t tell by the backs of their heads, but they are in love with microcontrollers now.

...and then he says "avrdude is not your friend"

As I’m grabbing images online of Lilypad Arduino projects, I seem to keep coming across my own. This is one that I still need to post a video for, but I thought the concept was pretty silly: It’s a thin band worn around the neck, and the neck bends forward a guitar riff from some classic ACDC is played. As long as you continually headbang, you will continually hear heavy guitar! Pretty sweet, hm?

I just received the Arduino Cookbook in the mail today, and spent this sunny (hot, muggy) afternoon resting on the sofa and perusing its pages.  I got it in particular for support in Networking with Arduino, and was pleased to find that this book includes a section on working with Pachube, handling server requests, etc. It’s not necessarily for beginners; see “Getting Started with Arduino” from the O’Reilly series instead.  Note: the cookbook does not include any information on the Lilypad Arduino.

Note: I found this very detailed review of the book online.

I’m about to go live with this Pachube feed of when my head is on my pillow (ie. when I’m resting), enabled using a Lilypad Arduino, Lilypad Xbee, and pressure sensor. A simple soft circuit, and a little pizazz for Pachube users!

Soft circuit on the pillow on the left

Back of the pillow is wired up for wireless communication!