The Kegel Organ was mentioned in this recent interview with Kate Hartman, my Wearable Tech professor at OCADU and the creator of Botanicalls, the Muttering Hat, and the Talk to Yourself Hat (all currently on display at MOMA’s Talk to Me exhibition in NYC).  Here is what she says:

My favorite assignment recently from a more conceptual end is to make an interface for a part of your body that you thought was being ignored and that brought on all sorts of crazy stuff. I had students who made interfaces for their Kegel muscles. They made it so you can play music by activating your Kegel muscles. It was really well done. They did three different iterations. One was just an on/off switch. The muscles were clenched and would turn the switch on or off. Another was a gradient, so it would sense how much the muscles were activating. The third you could actually play ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’. It was wild, but at the same time really interesting. And they wrote a beautiful blog post on women, power and inner strength. They played with all these cultural references. It was great.