I haven’t updated the blog in a while as I’ve been crazy busy working in Las Vegas, weaving a fibreoptic light installation, and shortly after that I took off to Spain for some gallery hopping and lazing in the Mediterranean before my Fall schedule kicks in.  Currently I’m writing from a small town outside of Madrid.

In regards to Wearable Tech, you can check out an article on TalkToMyShirt where they feature my Stock Market Lingerie.  It’s a timely article, given the recent negotiations around the US debt.

I will also be teaching another series of workshops on Soft Circuits and the Lilypad Arduino this Fall at Interaccess, again with my colleague Ken Leung.  These workshops will be followed by a Masterclass taught by Kate Hartman.  In addition to these workshops I will be hosting a monthly Wearables Lab also at Interaccess, where people can come by to work on their projects, consult, troubleshoot their projects, etc.  I’m really looking forward to connecting with other Wearables keeners and seeing what you are working on!

And finally, my Earthquake skirt will be shown at Nuit Blanche this fall at OCADU.

Lots of things coming up, lots of new projects in mind, but for now I’m trying not to think too much about electronics and the like, and just soak up the sun and practice my favourite past time here in Spain — siesta!