I don’t know where all my time goes.  I should give myself more time to experiment with materials; I’m certainly not shy about accumulating them in them in the meantime!  On my workdesk I have SMD LEDs, fibre optics, faraday film, a giant box of very slow motors, a rigid heddle loom that I’ve yet to warp, a great window-mount 12V solar panel that is just begging to be used, not to mention boxes of iron filings, chameleon flakes, xylophone parts and a rotary dial phone to be repurposed.  Sigh.  If I were completely on top of things, I would arrange for one full day a week that is dedicated to experimentation.  Alas, there are other things that ask for my attention these days, such as an independent study project for OCAD, and these upcoming workshops I’m teaching at Interaccess.  Note to self: manage time!