The OCAD Wearable Tech Show was tonight, and I’m feeling completely zonked after it.  I stayed up late last night working out some final details for the pieces that I showed there: The Earthquake Skirt and Stock Market Lingerie.  I am totally pleased with how the projects were received by the attendees.  As active objects utilizing real-time data, you won’t get the full effect in photos, but I’ve attached a couple anyhow.

Stock Market Lingerie, Erin Lewis 2011

Clasps act as electronic switches on the boustier. As the woman is undressed, the (white-collared Capitalist) man receives his latest Stock Market updates. Never has undressing a woman been so arousing. Stock Market Lingerie (detail), Erin Lewis 2011.

Fur is out. Debris is in. Earthquake Skirt, Erin Lewis 2011